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 Who we are. What we do.

Why we do it.

All Ears Hearing, as the name suggests is passionate about helping everyone.

We know that people are nervous about getting help with their hearing. In many cases you, or your loved one won’t  want to ‘feel old’ by conceding that hearing aids might be required.

Twenty years ago there was a stigma about hearing aids. They whistled. They were uncomfortable, unsightly and often didn’t perform as well as expected.

A Highly Experienced

Fully Independent Hearing Care Provider


We have a wide range of products, technologies, sizes and prices to suit your needs.

Skilled in fitting all makes of hearing system, we can help you acclimatise to the sounds around you

Having spent most of our careers working for companies who are part of the same group as the manufacturer they recommend, or financially tied in to one supplier, we are now proud to have become a fully independent supplier, able to provide solutions from every Hearing Aid manufacturer in the UK.

All Ears Hearing was established with the express aim of

delivering the best product and service for each individual client.

After all… you have to treat individuals individually!

State of the art.

Today we have incredible technology with chipsets that can perform hundreds of millions of calculations per second and with ten major manufacturers supplying the UK market, each with a full portfolio, there is something out there to suit everyone.

The best modern hearing systems are designed to deliver all of the information in the same way that an unimpaired ear would receive it.

Your Hearing aids won’t whistle uncontrollably and can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes to suit your dexterity and cosmetics needs.
We have a wide range of technologies and prices, with payment options, and our Audiologists will spend the time with you to find the right product at the right price to suit you.



We are happy to take on new clients who already have hearing aids, but need that little bit of extra help

Hearing Consultations

Full professional diagnostic

hearing tests

and recommendations

EarWax Removal

We are qualified in all approved methods of

earwax removal.

Endoscopic Micro-suction

Loupes Micro-suction

Low Pressure Pulse Irrigation


Branch or

Home Visit

Visit us in our clinics in Edwinstowe, Newark, Mansfield or Nottingham

or opt for a home visit if you are house bound.

Hearing Aids

All Makes and models available from this a fully independant hearing care provider.

Choose from:

 Audio-Service, Bernafon,        GN Resound, Oticon, Phonak, Puretone, Starkey, Signia, Untiron, Widex.

Our Services

Opening Hours

Monday - Thursday

09:00 - 17:00

closed Fri-Sun & bank holidays

Our Team

David Bevan


David Bevan Senior Hearing Aid Consultant

Alison Bevan


Alison Bevan Senior Hearing Aid Consultant


Senior Hearing Aid Consultant

over 27  years experience in the hearing care profession.

Laboratory trained in prescribing fitting and servicing of all makes and models of hearing aids 

Earwax removal specialist, qualified in Endoscopic Microsuction, Low Pressure Pulse Irrigation & Tooling. 


Senior Hearing Aid Consultant with

over 16 years experience in the hearing care profession.

Laboratory trained in prescribing fitting and servicing of all makes and models of hearing aids 

Earwax removal specialist, qualified in Loupes Microscuction, Low Pressure Pulse Irrigation & Tooling. 

Who will you see?

Every Hearing Aid Dispenser has to be qualified to be able to prescribe hearing aids, but how long have they been qualified, and do they have the depth of experience and range of solutions to accurately cater for your needs?

We both have elderley parents with hearing loss, so we understand and empathise with the problems it can cause.

Alison has had a hearing loss and enjoyed the benefit of hearing aids for many years, so has a unique insight into the needs and experiences of hearing aid users.

No pushy sales people here

Because of our time in the profession we have a 'tool box' of tricks that can help your aids deliver what you need.

We have a unique knowledge of previous generation systems so can help you get the most out of your existing aids if your current provider is pushing you to buy new when you don't want to. 

Bringing back enjoyment to your life

Whether you are the one who keeps saying "pardon", or the one who has to repeat themselves dozens of times a day!

We have the expertise and product range to find a solution when others are too expensive or have simply given up.

Why take the risk with a national company tied to one manufacturer when you can rely on a Dispenser with decades in the profession and every manufacturer's products on offer.

We have been caring for the hard of hearing since before the advent of digital hearing aids, having  been at the forefront of introducing the latest technology to the market.

More than once we have had the privilege of being one of the first in the country fit a newly introduced device.

Why not take advantage of that experience and

Put you hearing in the hands of someone who knows?


Kath."  Opn1 S

Thank you again for your understanding and support, which I very much do appreciate. 
Kind regards , 

As a first time user of hearing aids I wasn't at all sure what to expect when I was got in contact with yourself.

Dave Maddox  Phonak M90

I have been really pleased with the level of advice and support you have given me during the testing, selection and fitting of the aids.
In particular your responsiveness to queries and flexibility in arranging home appointments has been great.
Your persistence in successfully resolving my issue with streaming music was particularly appreciated and gives me great confidence that any necessary future support will be available if required.
Thank you again.

Max M Sheffield

Z Humberstone, Lincs. Opn1


S Boston STarkey Livio 2400

"I just wanted to email to thank you for the help and service you have provided over recent weeks.

B Shah  Leicester More 1

DANIEL D Starkey Livio


Many thanks for your help and guidance at yesterday's fitting. 

This was the third company I have consulted re my hearing loss and was by far the best. David was clearly very experienced and knowledgeable and focused completely on my needs and what would suit me. Customer service was exemplary - and I say this as someone who has twice given the annual Yorkshire World Quality lecture.

Russel Plaice (Thialand!) Livio 2400

 thanks for your excellent service. Amazing when I am 6600 miles away from you. Your knowledge and service is outstanding.

Peter Boardman

Thank you David for your extremely skilful removal of the very stubborn wax in my left ear. What a relief to be able to hear properly again.What a nice friendly experience.

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