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If it is made, All Ears Hearing can probably supply it.

No matter what your hearing loss or budget

- there will be a system that suits.

If we can't supply it -

they probably don't make it yet! 

The Hearing Care market can be a minefield.

There are now many different manufacturers and even more companies selling hearing aids.

Because many of these providers only use one or two manufacturers, it is easy to be sold a system that suits the provider more than it suits you, the user.

You might know what you want - or at least what you think you want - but it is difficult to research hearing devices if you don't know what you need

The links below will help you get an idea of the market, however we strongly recommend taking advantage of our free consultation service, during which we will be able to explain exactly what is available to suit your hearing needs and budget.

Find out about different makes of hearing systems here.

We have access to the World's finest hearing device manufacturers... click on the logos for more details on 

their own websites...

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Spoilt for choice

There are literally far too many aids to list and although we can cover the basics here...

We have access to the eleven major manufacturers that serve the UK market, plus a few of the smaller niche companies, such as Bruckhoff for Spectacle aids.

We have well over 100 models available and each model has around a dozen or more variants - in some cases up to 30 ....

.... so we have around 1500 different  hearing aids to choose from....and that's before you factor in a dozen choices on speaker systems and up to 25 ear fittings per aid.... not to mention 9 or 10 colour options.

That give All Ears Hearing access to well over 10,000 options and variants!!

It is therefore best recommended that we meet with you to fully discuss your options before deciding which of the thousands of aids are best suited to you

So many features

Today's hearing aids are so much more than the simple old fashioned style amplifier that people often mistake them to be.


Digital processors are hugely more advanced than they used to be. They are capable of making in th region of 80 million calculations and instructions an hour -really; it's not a typo!


We can split the soundscape into over 60 different portions ensuring we match your hearing requirements more accurately than ever before and manage noise such as wind, background hubub and machine noise to help you focus on the speech you want to hear.


They are better equipped to cope modern active lifestyles being IP 68 rated for excellent water and dust resistance.


Connect to an App to adjust basic functions such as volume or program settings or control advanced settings like directionality or specific sound management as well as streaming music and phonecalls direct to your aids.


Recharge your hearing aids even if you don’t have a power point nearby.


There are assistive listening devices (ALDs) which allow you connect your aids to your TV, landline and other Bluetooth devices which assist hearing in more challenging environments.


We can even  offer remote programming which allows us to make adjustments without needing to meet with you face to face.


Our hearing aids are so advanced that they can connect you to the internet so you can control devices in your home, answer queries via the internet or tell your loved ones you have had a fall - we can even translate up to 27 foreign languages in real time - and all direct to your ears with our state of the art hearing systems.


The key with any hearing aid is that it can work extremely well to deliver all the information you need to function in any environment, however your brain needs to learn how to process the information;

....and that takes time even if you have used hearing aids before.


At All Ears Hearing we are experienced and skilled enough to help you through whatever you face.