Re-fitting & Aftercare

Re-Fitting & Aftercare 


Do you have problems handling your hearing aids, do they hurt or look unsightly? Or there an issue with performance or the sound quality?

With over 21 years’ experience encompassing all makes of hearing aids and being fully conversant with all advancements in technology since analogue hearing aids, you can rely on All Ears to help you understand and resolve whatever issues you are experiencing.

Poorly fitted or poorly performing instruments will be reviewed and if necessary refitted by following a process of thorough investigation into all aspects of your and your hearing, including input from those around you.

Trouble Shooting Specialists

A full lifestyle assessment and diagnostic hearing test will expose any weaknesses in your existing system. Observation of the size, shape, direction and condition of your outer ear and canal will identify any specific physical requirements of the ear fitting.

Professional fees for the refitting service £125 *plus additional fittings or equipment.

*Where possible we will work with your existing system, making subtle but important adjustments to its configuration. Minor items like wax guards and domes are included, however it may be that we need to make more in depth changes, like exchanging components for ones more appropriate to your needs. Re-configuring or adding custom made ear fittings which resolve many sound quality issues may involve additional costs.

*Apologies to NHS users, as we are unable to repair or reprogram NHS hearing aids. We are, however, more than happy to discuss your concerns and provide advice, additional explanations or even an alternative solution more suited to your requirements.


Sometimes you just need a second opinion or a different take on things. 

If you need a quick check up and can’t get in to your provider we can off a single appointment Hearing Aid Review for your piece of mind. We will include an ear examination service, replacement domes and wax solutions and carry out minor reprogramming.
Professional fees for £75

If your provider is not delivering you a service at all, we can take on your case and provide the ongoing aftercare you are missing. We will even refund our fees if you purchase your next system through us within a year of our service starting.
Professional fees for check up and ongoing aftercare service £350