Home Visits

Home Visits or in our Clinics


whilst most appointments can and shoold be carried out in one of our clinic centres, where we have all of our equipment to hand, not having to travel to an appointment is a great benefit to everyone, especially when it is cold or wet.

Those who have no access to a car or struggle to get reliable public transport find home visits hugely important, as do the elderly and infirm.

Home visits can be a crucial factor in the set up of today’s hearing aids.

  • Does your partner talk to you from another room?
  • Does the TV have to be on full blast?
  • Do you jump a mile when someone puts cutlery down on the draining board?
  • Can you hear OK in store, but not at home?
  • Does your work or social environment present specific acoustic problems?

In our experience, these are just a few of the problems reported by hearing aid users when they get home following an in-store appointment with their Audiologist.
They are often the most important sounds to you, yet your hearing aids are, more often than not, set up or adjusted in the Audiologist’s room – a place where you spend a minimal amount of time. We will perform these tasks in a realistic environment – your own home.

You need to be able can hear your TV and voices at home. 

On a home visit we can approach this in a way that simply can’t be accomplished in a room on the High Street, and it won’t cost you a penny for us to come out to see you. 

In difficult cases, it could be possible for our Audiologist to visit a work place or social environment  to help resolve a specific issue you are having.