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Cleaning Your Hearing Aids: A Guide

Maintenance is an important part of owning and wearing hearing aids. With proper care, your hearing aids can go long periods of time without professional cleanings or repairs.

While emergencies and accidents do occur, you can prevent issues by knowing how to properly clean your hearing aids.

Hearing aids

Whether you’ are new to hearing aids or experienced and just looking for a few tips its always a good idea to keep on top of cleaning to get the best from your aids.

Cleaning hearing aids can seem daunting at first, since many people feel cautious when handling expensive devices  in case something goes wrong. However, knowing how to clean your hearing aids is something that will feel  very comforatable ince you have done it a few times.

If you’re looking for some tips on how to store and clean your hearing aids, this article will cover the basics of  what you need to know.

General Care Tips For Hearing Aids

Like with every electronic device, there are some general care tips you should know. Obvious things like “avoid contact with water” and “handle carefully” are obvious, but hearing aids are small, delicate devices that require mindfulness. Here are some things you should know about owning hearing aids.

  • Try to avoid taking them out in the bathroom or kitchen. These are places that see a lot of action and liquids, so it’s best that you don’t leave them on a surface, even for a moment. It only takes a second for them to get swept into the sink or covered with water. It has also been known for hearing aids to be flushed away down the toilet.
  • Avoid using hairspray, hair products or skin creams while wearing or handling your hearing aids. If you regularly use hairspray or hair gel, make sure you are not wearing your aids when applying it. The spray can build up inside your hearing aids and cause problems.
  • Keep them away from pets and children. Both can easily swallow or chew on hearing aids, and older children might break or misplace them. It’s best to keep your hearing aids in a place that the pets and kids can’t. find them. Your hard case is ideal.
  • Replace your batteries regularly.  This may be more frequently in winter. Disposable batteries run out quickly, especially if you have a hearing aid with many features. Make sure to carry backup batteries with you and replace them as soon as they go dead.
  • Turn off your hearing aids and remove the batteries when you’re not using them. This will save power and allow the battery compartment to air out. If you use rechargeable hearing aids, you don’t have to worry about this as much, just keep them in the charger.

The Importance of Regular Ear Cleaning

Whilst cleaning the hearing aids, changing your wax filters and removing debris is an important regime you should become familiar with, it is also important to keep the ears themselves clean and avoid build ups of excessive wax - as this is the cause of most hearing aid failures.

While some people clean their ears using cotton buds, this is actually extremely dangerous and is not recommended. Instead, use the swab to gently brush around the entrance of your ear, and wipe your outer ear clean with a wet wipe or similar. This will get rid of any earwax that has worked its way to the surface of your ear. If you are prone to blockages, speak to us about a professional wax removal.

How to Clean ITE Hearing Aids

Hearing aid wearers with in-the-ear (ITE) hearing aids have a different cleaning routine than those with receiver in the canal (RIC) or  behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids. While we can give you a demonstration of the process, here is a guide to help you clean your ITE hearing aid.

  • Find the openings on your hearing aid, and check for any earwax or debris build up.
  • Facing the openings downward, gently brush at your hearing aid with a small hearing-aid brush or unused toothbrush. Holding your hearing aid face-down will prevent the loose particles from getting stuck inside the openings.
  • Rather than trying to clean the wax trap of your ITE, simply change it for a new one. its a much better solution.
  • Finally, wipe down your hearing aid with a clean cloth.

How to Clean RIC or BTE Hearing Aids

Behind-the-ear hearing aids have a similar cleaning process, but the design of the hearing aid changes things somewhat. Many people with BTE hearing aids also have additional tools to keep their hearing aids in god condition.

  • Use a soft brush to remove any wax or dry skin from the outer casing of your hearing aid.
  • On a BTE remove the earmolds from your hearing aid. This is the part that goes inside your ear, so it requires the most cleaning. Wipe these down, and make sure to soak them in soapy water from time to time. This will help prevent discoloration and deterioration. Just make sure the earmolds are completely dry before putting them back on your hearing aid. it is a good idea to do them one at a time so you don't get confused which side is which!
  • A bulb blower such as photographer might use, can be used to clear moisture bubbles or small wax deposits from the tubing. Water inside the tubing can cause issues, so try to get as much of it out as possible. It is recommended that you buy a dehumidifier to ensure dryness, but if you don’t have one, simply put your hearing aids in the airing cupboard overnight.

Storing Hearing Aids

If your hearing aids are not in your ears they should be securely stored in the box they came in or the charger in the case of rechargeable aids. if you have lost yout hard case, we can supply you with one.

Its is always advisable to cover your aids as named items on your home and contents insurance, but better still not to lose them in the first place.

changing a wax filer in a hearing aid

The benefits of buying from a hearing care professional.

Your hearing care professional is a registered and regulated Hearing Care provider. As a Hearing Aid Dispenser – which is the official Reserved Title (HAD) we are the best place to get information regarding your hearing health and hearing aids.

If you haven’t purchased a hearing aid yet, or are interested in upgrading, As HADs we are a valuable resource when buying your hearing aids.

Hearing aids

These days, you can buy almost anything on the internet. Online marketplaces have made it easy to find cheaper alternatives to the things we need and find better deals on commonly purchased brands. This is especially true when it comes to electronics. Standard non personal items like tablets or phones can easily be price matched and bought on line, but surprisingly, people try to buy hearing aids in the same way.

While the internet can be a valuable resource, you simply cannot expect to buy a product which is made to measure and programmed for you as an individual if you do it on line, and never meet the provider face-to-face.

A Hearing Consultation is the starting point for hearing aid provision, and the starting point for a consultation, is a thorough examination of the ears. This cannot be done on line. Do you have wax? What size (exactly) is your ear canal? Do you have a soft or firm ear canal ? Where is the second bend? etc etc....


When it comes to high-tech medical equipment like hearing aids, it is advisable to get expert advice. Hearing care professionals give you detailed personal advice as to what hearing aid is best for you and your needs, both in terms of hearing but also the usability of the system. We are trained to help you acclimatised to your hearing aids after purchase and to help with ongoing care after the purchase


Why see someone in person? Expert Consultation....

Even after a few minutes with Alison or David at All Ears Hearing, we will begin getting a feel for who you are, what you want, and what will work best for you.

This personal information can help us guide you towards the most suitable hearing aid model. We have decades of experience understanding how hearing aids work, the benefits of all the different types of hearing aids, and what type will benefit you the most.

We want you to enjoy using your hearing aids and will work in your favour to make sure you get a system that meets your needs. With our expertise, you can reach an informed decision, and we will continue to help you even after the purchase is finalised.

Professional Fitting

When you buy your hearing aids online, you may find that they are just posted out to you. A large part of our one to one consultation is geared towards how we will set the aids up for you.

If you buy on line you may need to pay a professional to set them up properly – this will probably cost more than if you bought the hearing aid from us in the first place.

Like us, most professional HADs will not look after hearing systems bought cheaply on line.

We are happy to help you choose a hearing aid and will make sure it’s properly and professionally fitted after purchase. If you encounter any problems, you can ask questions or book additional appointments.

With many systems, once the set up is complete you can seek help and advice from us without visiting us in person, taking advantage of virtual appointments via or video call, that fit more easily into your lifestyle. This is perfectly OK once we have met you and understand your needs – although there is never anything better than a face to face appointment when it comes to hearing care.

Follow-Up Visits

Making a one off purchase may seem cheaper way of getting hearing aids, but what you actually need is hearing care. The ongoing advice and maintenance that is required is already factored into the cost of your system, but it means that you can have as much help as you require without having to spend more money of additional appointment time – assuming that your online provider even offer this.

Value for Money

While it might be tempting to save money by purchasing hearing aids online, the cheaper price may not include everything that should come with a hearing aid purchase.

When you buy from All Ears Hearing, or any professional provider, much of the follow-up care is included in the purchase price. If you encounter an issue in the future, repairs might become an issue.

Do they offer a repair service at all? Can you get a loan aid? Will the repair be carried out by the original manufacturer, and will it be under warranty and will the repair itself be warrantied? With a professional purchase you can be comfortable that all these areas will be properly addressed.

You also have to be sure of the quality and specification of the hearing aids. How sure are you that you’re getting a quality product, a new and up to date product, and a manufacturer’s warranty?

We will recommend reliable, trustworthy brands and the latest models and provide personalised consultation and services to ensure you get the most from your hearing aids.

The internet can be a valuable source of information, but some things should be left in the hands of professionals. Place your trust in All Ears Hearing Ltd and feel free to ask us for help.

With the new Styletto AX hearwear from Signia, brilliant hearing never looked so good

Our iconic new Styletto AX hearing aids let you enjoy award-winning hearwear™ design and rechargeability with outstanding speech clarity.

Created07 September 2021

Hearing aids


Life is too short to live it half-heartedly. You should enjoy your own personal lifestyle without compromise – and hearing aids should help you to do so with ease despite hearing loss. At work. In your home. Wherever life takes you.

Even though hearing aids are no longer the bulky medical devices of the past, too many people who need them choose not to wear them simply because the look and feel does not match their image of themselves or their lifestyle. This delay risks making matters worse as untreatedhearing losscan lead to further deterioration in hearing. Doing nothing is not a good option.

8 out of 10 people prefer the Styletto hearwear™ design

What if there were hearing aids that allow you to live life on your terms? With the new Styletto AX from Signia, you can do just that because they look as amazing as they sound. Their award-winning hearwear design1is preferred by 8 out of 10 people compared to conventional hearing aids.2

Built on our leading-edgeAugmented Xperience audiology platform, Styletto AX let you enjoy outstanding speech clarity, even in noisy situations.3So you can keep in touch with friends and loved ones knowing that you can understand conversations and look as self-assured as always. With Styletto AX from Signia, you can Be Brilliant.

Never miss a word

Hearing isn’t always easy. A big group of people talking at the same time, softly spoken talkers, too much background noise… Sometimes sounds blend together making it impossible to focus on what you want to hear.

Augmented Xperience (AX) changes the way you hear the world. It uses our revolutionary Augmented Focus™ technology to split the sound of speech from surrounding sounds, process them separately and create a clear contrast. It then recombines them to give you outstanding speech clarity in a fully immersive environment. No more straining to discern speech from background noise.

As a result, 100% of participants in a recent study reported excellent speech understanding in their home environment.3

Signia AX is even proven to perform better than normal hearing in a tested party scenario.4

In addition, Styletto AX hearwear is packed with many more high-tech features to let you Be Brilliant:

Wireless charging with Qi technology

You can recharge your Styletto AX hearing aids at home or on-the-go for up to 17 hours of use per charge. The pocket-sized charging case’s Qi wireless technology enables you to simply place the charger on a charging pad instead of having to plug it into the mains. Wherever you’re going, Styletto AX goes with you. And goes and goes – the charging case gives you an astounding 4 days5of autonomy without needing to charge the case.

Android & iPhone connectivity for calls, music and TV

Styletto AX also give you state-of-the-art Bluetooth connectivity for Android6and iOS devices. So you can easily stream your phone calls, music and TV audio straight to your award-winning hearwear in high-quality digital sound. You can also connect your Styletto AX to theSignia app, which features groundbreaking artificial intelligence (AI) via theSignia Assistant.

Signia Assistant – groundbreaking AI for your hearing aids

Inspired by the way the human brain’s neural network solves challenges, the Signia Assistant offers immediate support whenever you need to adjust any settings.

The live deep neural network AI that drives the Signia Assistant marks a revolution in hearing care. It is a living system that continuously learns about your individual needs in specific situations. As a result, 93% of hearing aid wearers regard the Signia Assistant as a meaningful innovation that raises their satisfaction with their hearing aids in difficult listening situations. An overwhelming 87% of wearers would choose hearing aids with such an AI assistant.7